Electro cover

Armed with a Korg, a Mac, a second hand Les Paul and a notebook's worth of arguably clever lyrics, aalacho emerged from Seattle's post-grunge music scene in the year 2000 with a decidedly American twist on European dance-pop. Aalacho's 2002 debut release, 'sugar', landed it a 9 week stint on the CMJ RPM Top 20 with its affectionate blend of ambient-house, retro-techno and indie-rock guitars.

With its new release, 'electro', aalacho takes its cue from the crop of new-wave / post-punk revivalists currently energizing the electronica landscape. Respectfully cribbing from the likes of Kraftwerk, OMD and The Replacements to create its own audio niche, aalacho wears its lo-fi heart on its sleeve and invites the listener into an engaging world of haunting melodies, unpredictable arrangements and a surfeit of shimmering, buzzing guitars. Includes a remix by Felix da Housecat.

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